According to Science, These Are The Five Ways You Could Ensure Productivity in Your Workspace!

Many psychiatrists, religious leaders and politicians have repeated it time and again; the habitat of a person forges their upbringing and creates their personality. These principles are actually applicable in interior design. The combination of patterns, colors, spaces between one object to another dictate our personalities and our behavior, according to science. So, using that principle, science says that the ideal workspace could be built using the following.

  1. Ownership

With today’s lacking numbers of job security even for those in their middle to late ages, the ownership of a cubicle is virtually impossible. If you’re an office manager, then you’re very lucky.

According to a study by the Identity Realization Workplace Consultancy, those who could set up photos, plants, pictures and knick-knacks on their workplaces had made them 32% more productive than others. This survey was done involving 47 workers. They said it also increased efficiency and initiative.

  1. Colors, Lights and Dimensions

The visual perception of things all around us evokes certain moods or feelings. Claustrophobia, among the infected, often rises when the eyes could not perceive the flow of air going out through windows, or anywhere at all.

Colors play a huge role in influencing the average worker. A color of blue and green could simulate ideas and take initiative at work. The color red, well-known in interior design as a stimulating color to dine to or work to, could increase attention to detail.

Lights are also a big factor. A very bright light helps one to really see everything in detail. It also stimulates analytical and evaluative thinking.

Free-thinking, criticisms and personal opinions are evoked by very high ceilings. The psychological effects of these ceilings give the feeling of freedom and heightened consciousness.

  1. Indoor Plants

A green plant is a staple among customized office stations. But it’s more than just a fancy décor. It has helped workers deal with stress faster, being the center of their attention. The color green also helps achieve calm, and the shapeliness of these plants could offer some solace.

Meanwhile, it also helps reduce the pollution inside the office. That could be anything from machine emissions to undesirable scents.

  1. Rounded Furniture

Hard-edged square and rectangular furniture are often the staple of offices. However, if you can design, or even replace some furniture in your workspace, consider getting rounded furniture.

One study in 2011 showed how undergrads found round interiors and rounded furniture as more attractive and stimulating compared to rectangular furniture. Most studies showed how round furniture could stimulate different regions of the brain that stimulated endorphins during a reward and punishment scenario.

  1. The Messy Desk

Most bosses wouldn’t want you to have a messy desk, but because Einstein said a cluttered desk is a sign of a busy mind, maybe he’s right and all offices might want to implement this.

Putting this to the test, a team of researchers in the University of Minnesota found that their research participants came up with more imaginative uses for a ping-pong ball in a messy room compared to those in a tidy room.

According to some researchers, clean and tidy desks are often counter-productive because employees take time to find things whereas they could use their spatial capabilities to remember where they left their valuables.


Contemporary Style Window Furnishings (Pictures & Inspiration)

Any building, may it be the home, the office and the like, typically have windows that grace the walls. Windows are certainly important components of a structure because they can allow light and air to enter inside and they can provide a view as well.

Nevertheless, a window can’t stand by itself. It is typically made of glass, meaning it is transparent. Hence, outsiders will be able to see the indoors freely and that can be very risky. That is why there is a need for window furnishings to be able to cover your window, beautifully at that. You get to have privacy, protection and style all at the same time.

For a design fit to the present times, you can choose between these two.

Blinds. This type of window covering is one that has either horizontal or vertical slats that are made of materials such as wood, fabric, plastic and metal, among others. There is then a cord that runs through the slats, which can then be operated either manually or with a remote control. You can open and close it and it will be either rolled up or down. In this way, you get to block any unwanted light that comes in at any time of the day (and night).

There are many kinds of blinds that can be categorised into five: the Venetian blinds, the Roller blinds, the Roman blinds, the Pleated blinds and the Vertical blinds. Your choice will be dependent upon your purpose and style preference.

You may have windows that do not have standard sizes and shapes and so, there are made to measure ones available. The company you hire will measure your window and they will then create the set of blinds that will fit it. There are ready made blinds as well.

PerfectFit blinds, as their name suggests, have a perfect fit to the window itself. No drilling or screwing will be done, so there will be no mess and such even during the installation.

Shutters. On the other hand, shutters are solid furnishings where there is a frame and within it are louvres that can be opened and closed as well. They operate similarly as blinds as they stop the entry of elements like light when needed. Shutters can also be either installed indoors or outdoors. Not only windows, but they can be implemented in doors too.

For this kind of window covering, there is Full Height ones, Café Style, Tier on Tier and Solid Panels. There is a type for windows that have forms like circles and angles and it is called Special Shapes shutters. You can opt for any of them because they are functional in their own ways.

Both blinds and shutters have many colours and designs in the market today. If you are perhaps taking on a new home or thinking of improving your existing one, the installation of these contemporary window treatments will surely make your residence purposeful and lovely. With them, you get to raise the value of your interiors.

Design Your Own Contemporary Conservatory

A conservatory can be a form of relaxation and sun room all in one. It can be where you dine and entertain your family and friends, or it can be where you can enjoy some alone time. But this extra space can either be make or break depending on the design and layout you planned for it.

If you are intending to extend your home with a conservatory or renovating the existing one, here are some guidelines that can help you achieve that stylish and contemporary design:

Think of a concept. Just like other rooms, you have to consider what your conservatory’s motif will be. Either you can experiment with colors and prints, or go with simple and minimal. You can even get inspiration from your favorite TV shows or movies, if you like.

Deliberate on its purpose. As mentioned, a conservatory can serve many different functions and of course it will be up to you to decide on that. Maybe you want it to be a kind of a living room for receiving guests or it can be a library of some sorts. When you are able to identify, it becomes easier to shop for furniture and other appropriate decorations.

Sketch a layout. Now with your concept and purpose out of the way, you can now envision the whole area and spend the time to think about how you will position each and every piece. This can be a good step too as you can mentally arrange everything and come up with a design where you have fully used the space.

Invest in blinds. Blinds made for conservatory use are no doubt recommended. Because of the glass doors and windows that are typical in conservatories, light from the sun and other outside light sources can easily enter and break through. Though this is great, say, for viewing the sunset and/or the sunrise, it can become irritating and irksome especially when it is unwanted. You are able to control the temperature of the room as well, for both cold and hot seasons. Therefore, you can save from utilizing artificial sources like heaters and air conditioning units.

And with the Perfect Fit System, the blinds are easy and quick to install, so even a simple homeowner like you perhaps, can do the work yourself. It can save you a lot since you will not have to hire somebody to do it.

Blinds do not even have to be plain (unless that is your preference). The market offers a wide selection of them with varying colors and styles you can choose from, that can be suitable for your conservatory concept. You are able to protect yourself from the outside world too, and give you and your family some privacy.

Go green. You can even be one with nature in the interiors of your home and conservatory by putting potted plants and flowers. They can provide color and fragrance.

In designing conservatories and even other places of the house, one must always consider not only beauty and style but also function and purpose. Being economical and money savvy will not hurt either. Just remember to be involved in the whole process so that your preferences will be carried out in the end.

Do’s and Don’ts in Decorating your Workspace

Do you have a workspace designed especially for you? How do you go about in making it easily identifiable as yours? Is it as generic as other workstations in your office? The decoration of your workspace depends on a number of things, with the type of work and the amount of customer interaction conducted there being some of the most important. These factors come into play in the decoration of individual spaces, including cubicles.


You don’t have to hire an interior decoration expert if your cubicle will involve a small space and will just be your work station. However, it is entirely a different matter when you receive people from time to time or conduct business meetings and small closed door conferences in that workspace of yours. You may have to arrange it in a way that it will appear professional, yet exudes your personality.

If you deal with clients on a face-to-face basis as well as on a daily basis, the décor should be generally customer driven. In a service industry such as banking, for example, the environment is often homogenous with personal effects kept to a minimum. If you are in a business establishment where creative work is done, such as a graphic design studio, décor is often more personalized. That’s because many employees feel a sterile environment is uninspiring for creative work.

office cubicles

Do use the workspace accordingly. Even though cubicle dwellers and their guests usually adjourn to a meeting room, frequent visitors will occasionally need to be in the workspace. Experts believe that employees who feel an element of control over their physical space are happier workers. After all, work is the place where most of us spend the majority of our time. Accordingly, most employers have knickknacks, and even adjust the lighting if possible. Some employers even take it to another level, filling the common areas with such leisure-time toys as stress balls or tennis balls to form a comfortable atmosphere and encourage creativity.

Do include some small personal stuff. In other offices, that sort of freewheeling, personalized ambiance is not appropriate. Much depends not only on the type of work being done there, but on the preference of the people at the top. These can be extreme: One corporate philosophy dictates that soft-wall offices remain just as the designer intended them, reasoning that an attempt to heighten a waist-high wall with a bulletin board or a row of potted plants defeats the purpose of the open-office plan. Floor managers would be wise to remember that not allowing cubicle dwellers to creatively adjust their space can magnify the feeling that they have no privacy, much less individuality.

Do use sound filters. Many cubicle employees have found smart ways to achieve some level of privacy and filter some of the noises around them. Removable entryways can be arranged into a kind of semi-maze entrance for example. Plants or corkboards placed strategically can help to muffle outside noise and create a sense of privacy at the same time. However, before moving panels or putting up makeshift sound buffers, be sure to get permission from your employer or office manager. It can be humiliating to have to disassemble your alterations after everyone has complimented you on your ingenuity.

Do post creative jokes and magazine clips. Cubicle walls often become billboards and a ways to share a joke or article that’s particularly apropos to work. However, be careful with your choices: While this is permitted in your office, never put up materials that cross the line to gross or obscene. Anything with racist or sexist undertones is equally beyond the pale.

Don’t Criticize. Never pin anti-corporate articles from magazines or newspapers to your cubicle wall, whether they are about your own company or the corporate world in general. Those in view or anyone passing constitute a direct affront to management. While no one should be expected not to speak freely, such displays mark you as someone who’s distrustful of your superiors, sees himself as a victim of larger forces and is probably bitter to boot. Even if this is true, advertising it jeopardizes your chances of survival if a round of layoffs occurs.

Don’t Leave Clutter. Whether you accept customers or client visits in your workspace or not, ensure that you keep it free from clutter. Though office maintenance will literally clean every cubicle in the office, it is always best to keep it tidy and clean. You can never tell when an early visit from the boss may also be the same time that the office maintenance got sick. It may have not happened yet, but it is not impossible.

Designing a Contemporary Garden to Match Your Needs During the Cold Months

contemporary gardenA well-maintained contemporary garden is an ideal place to hold both adult and children’s parties. But if you have a better way to improve your garden land get landscaping services, would you go for it?

Contemporary gardening serves as solace for many plants and flower enthusiasts. These types of people also enjoy receiving and entertaining friends in their backyard showcasing their flowery shrubs and healthy plants. However, your garden will not leave a lasting impression without a focal point. Focal points can be best described as those specific areas in or outside your place serving as a backdrop whenever friends and family requests to have their photo taken. In other words, focal point is the specific area within your backyard that is picture-perfect. You should consult landscape gardening experts to make sure that you have the right plants for your contemporary themed garden.

Add contemporary designed fire pits. Long before the advent of fire pits, focal points were confined to big bird baths, fountains and outdoor man-made fishponds. This is mainly due to the reason that most people would not opt to stay outdoors during cold season. Now that fire pits are available, whether constructed according to your specifications or portable to accentuate your backyard patio or dinner table, landscaping the backyard garden yielded more desirable results.

Make use of your garden. The backyard used to be spaces where you hold some children’s party or a barbecue cook out on a summer day. With contemporary designs, the backyard now also serves as the best place for an inflatable plastic pool where children can have fun and frolic. It also serves as a place where children can play run and tag without bumping breakables. It was never a place for you to hang out especially during the cold months. In fact, it can appear deserted during these months. As such, adding a fire pit can ensure that your garden can still serve its purpose during the cold months.

Use a contemporary item as focal point. A fire pit can be constructed to serve as the focal point in your backyard. The size may vary depending on your need and plans of entertaining guests on that area. However, when the fire pit is already well on its way of getting done, some stone benches can further highlight the nook. Some homeowners specifically plan to have such backyard focal points elevated and add some stone steps on the lawn. This is all right as long as plants and trees that surround your fire pit will not get affected or damaged by the heat it emits. If your plants and trees are situated far enough from the fire pit, the coal embers may reach them. This can be prevented by ordering a custom-fit wire mesh that can aptly cover the fire pit enough but will not prevent people gathered around it to go numb with cold.

If the plants and trees are near, you can specify the fire pit to be on ground level or on the elevated part of the patio but not too high for heat to reach the plants and trees. Situating it on ground level so that when people are seated at the stone benches, they can watch down how the flames danced inside the fire pit.

By installing a fire pit inside your backyard and using it as a focal point, you ensure that your backyard garden is still good even during the cold months. Furthermore, the children’s birthday parties, cook out on summer seasons can now be added up with more lists of activities such as engagement parties, get-together for friends, comfortable and warm backyard camping, cozy star-gazing and many more.

Types of Lighting Fixtures for Landscaping

lamp postYou most probably use lighting fixtures for many reasons. Adequate lighting is needed in order to ensure safety on the staircase and second floor patios. You will also need lighting for your door or front gate for security purposes. You may also want your hampstead landscapers to use lighting fixtures to attain dramatic effect to a fountain or a garden. The types of lighting fixtures are:

Lamp Posts. More commonly known as street lights. Before man discovered the use of gas and electricity, lamp posts are lighted using oil. The sole purpose of lamp posts during this time is to prevent you from tripping on steps or being robbed at night. The use of gas on streetlights was first demonstrated in Pall Mall, London by the German inventor, Friedrich Albrecht Winzer. The modern designs of lamp posts can be used to light your garage and pathways, for security and landscaping purposes.

Lanterns. These are portable lighting devices that serve to illuminate large areas. Historically, lanterns were used in religious processions by churches and religious congregations. The utility of the lantern was also used during the night hunting as well as night travel. Since the advent of electricity, lanterns are now widely used as decorative ornaments for gardens and homes.

Path Lights. Aside from lamp posts, path lights can also serve as illumination for stair and pathways. The light is usually installed on the ground to ensure safety for people that walks by. In landscaping, it is sometimes installed just under the every step of the stairs to ensure visibility as well as create a romantic effect. Most modern landscaping services hampstead offer this particular style of lighting fixture.

Deck Lighting. You can easily appreciate the role of deck lighting with restaurants and coffee shops. It is usually installed as part of a fence or staircase railing. Aside from the illumination it brings to customer and homeowners, it enhances the overall ambience of an outdoor deck.

Backlights. These are lighting fixtures used to highlight a particular point in your garden. For instance, a light can be installed at the center of a well-manicured foliage highlight its texture. You can also find such type of lighting in the back of a large tree to highlight its trunk. The backlight serves to imitate the shadows cast by trees and plants during sunset.

Uplights. Commonly known as spotlights. They are used to highlight signs and trees. Depending on the owner’s preferences, some uplights are also used to highlight house, swimming pools and pathways. It creates a dramatic effect when this type of lighting is used. It usually directs the viewer’s attention to the overall appearance of the illuminated structure.

Landscaping with lights is useful for both indoor and outdoor use. One important element to observe in choosing and deciding your lighting fixtures is moderation. Too much light is not friendly to the eyes as well as your pocket. Too little will not give you the desired effect you’re looking for. If you are not sure on the type of lighting fixture that you should use in your garden, consult a landscape specialist.

Top 5 Benefits of Using Window Treatments

window treatmentHow do you like your window? This is one of the questions that you should ask yourself in looking for window treatments at my local blinds shops. You may need to call on the window treatment specialists to take actual measurements of your windows for a custom-fit curtain or blinds. In addition, you should also inquire on the best choice depending on the amount of maintenance that you want. If you are the type of person who doesn’t want complex cleaning, then you should opt for something simple and easy to clean like roller blinds or synthetic curtains. You should also opt for the window treatment that will answer your need such as:

Privacy. This is one of the foremost reasons that homeowners and business establishment owners get window treatments. When you have windows that receive a lot of traffic, you may want to protect your activities from prying eyes. In addition, it is quite distracting to work when your peripheral view notices a number of people passing by. You will always have the tendency to look up, breaking your concentration and train of thought, thus significantly reducing your productivity.

Maximizing on energy efficiency. During daytime, you don’t have to turn on the lights, especially when the light that streams through your window is enough to illuminate the area for your tasks. This saves you energy and expenditures in operating expenses or house electricity bill. If this is your top reason for getting window treatments, then you should search for blinds that allow sufficient light to get through your windows.

Reduce the amount of light and heat that pass through the window. Some health conditions may not be comfortable to work. The glare of the heat and sunlight may reflect on equipment like computers where light may bounce back in the person’s eye. This is not comfortable and will make it difficult to work. Moreover, some equipment will overheat or may malfunction if it receives additional heat from sunlight.

Totally block the light and heat that pass through your window. Shifting schedules may mean working during the night time and sleeping in the daytime. Normally, dusk time sends signals to the brain that it is time to rest. However, when an individual works during the night, it may be difficult to get enough sleep with so much light coming in from a window. As such, it would be best to block the light totally to induce a restful sleep.

Interior design. You may not have any concerns with the amount of light coming in through your windows. You may just be concerned with complementing your window treatment with your interior design. As such, you can search for window treatments that have varied colors and styles. Since most window treatments are custom-designed and fit any individual needs, you should be able to find the perfect one for your home or business.

When you want all these benefits with your window treatment, it is always best to consult an interior designer and window treatment specialist in order to get the best choice. Most window treatments are designed with function and style in mind that you will be able to find the perfect fit in no time.

On Designing Bathrooms


The moment I get up, the first room I enter is the bathroom. There, I spend time thinking about the day’s tasks and routine. I go about making myself ready to face the world in the bathroom. During days when I feel the pressure of a difficult situation, I retreat to my bathroom armed with a brush and cleaning materials. I begin scrubbing the tiles  cleaning every corner of the bathroom. This makes me de-stressed, able to go on and relaxed again. So it’s very important that the bathroom is given with much care and plan as with other parts of the room. At least for me. Indeed, I feel more organized if I see the bathroom clean and organized.  Here are collection of special bathrooms I think fit my definition of what is contemporary, sustainable and worth spending time inside.

What I look at in a bathroom:

As opposed to the traditional designs, the contemporary bathroom has come a long way. It is more than a place of comfort, but it is a place needing much planning.

Tone and mood is set and created with the color used. Details such as door handles, accessories, hooks and others enhances the mood.

Balance in the bathroom means the space is maximized and the moment you enter the bathroom, everything is in place and you would feel right at home. Ever felt that when you go in one’s bathroom? The homey feeling is just there.

Focal Point is that piece or feature that catches your eye when entering a room. In a bathroom setting, it could be the tile design, a modern accessory, the wood work… anything.

Rhythm is when a kind of uniformity of shape is established. It could be seen in the mirrors, the shower heads, or the fittings. This builds comfort and a smooth flow to the eyes.

Here is a gallery of aesthetic contemporary bathrooms.


The bathroom

images (3)

download (6)





How to Make Your Bedroom Stimulate More Sleep And, Maybe More Sex.

Now, we’re not that really into intercourse nowadays. Sorry for the casual introduction, but the relation of sexual activity to sleep stimulation is very strong. It’s both done in bed, we know, but you need to be relaxed before you could feel your hormones coming on, or your sleep coming on.

There’s a way for you to stimulate more sleep in your bedroom. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Get a Bigger Bed

According to research, a bigger bed is more pleasing and exciting to the eyes rather than just a small bed that looks hard and rough. One’s visual perception of space sets the body’s expectations. An expectation met is an expectation received in full. So if you’re thinking of a king-sized bed to sleep in will give you the rest you need, you’re definitely and relatively correct.

  1. Paint the Room Blue

Now you might say it’s silly, but coloring the room blue actually helps stimulate sleep.

If you’ve woken up at 9AM once and you’ve seen the blue sky, you could say that you’re the happiest person to wake up. You actually feel energized as you rise up from your bed.

A blue room successfully stimulates the outside world’s blue sky. Psychologically, blue is the color of peace and tranquility.

According to a survey by Travelodge, blue-room sleepers could get seven hours of sleep at maximum.

You might be wondering how does it happen, given that the room is dark and you don’t really see the colors until you wake up. It takes effect once it’s the last color you see before you turn off the lamp, and it’s the first thing you see when you open your eyes.

The survey by Travelodge also indicated that 58% of the participants had woken up feeling happy and alert.


  1. Don’t Like Blue? How About Yellow?

Yellow guarantees a seven-hour, 40-minute sleepathon according to a survey. Warm yellow, just like the color of your lamp, is a bit more alert than blue. However, it helps calm your nerves before you start to sleep.

A yellow room would be perfect for those stressful work days when you’re worrying about many things going room. You’re going to need to calm down, but not too calm enough to forget your problems. So a yellow room provides closure before you go to sleep. Sort of.

  1. What Does Silver Do?

We couldn’t get enough of those fancy-looking silver interiors we’ve seen on so many other blogs. But silver actually helps tell the brain that it’s time to go to sleep.

Silver is associated with moonlight. It’s not too bright and not too dark. It’s third to yellow, it delivers seven hours and 33 minutes of sleep. Silver somehow motivates physical activity. But this isn’t the intercourse-stimulating color.

  1. Caramel Guarantees Three Days of Sex Weekly

Caramel, it tastes good. But maybe it’ll help make your relationship feel better. Caramel stimulates sexual activity for some reason. The color of chocolate is something that is luscious and appetizing, but in a room, it makes things a bit more, murky, in a way. Wow.